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  1. The Amazing Crystal Garden

    The Amazing Crystal Garden

    Grow your own crystals with the Amazing Crystal Garden.
  2. Mini Soapstone Apatosaurus

    Mini Soapstone Apatosaurus

    Apatosaurus dinosaur carved in soapstone.
  3. Dinosaur Keyring

    Dinosaur Keyring

    Fairtrade wooden Dinosaur Keyring
  4. Gemstones of the World

    Gemstones of the World

    15 Gemstones of the World in a presentation box.
  5. Mini Soapstone  Anodontosaurus

    Mini Soapstone Anodontosaurus

    Anodontosaurus dinosaur carved from onyx.
  6. Gift Pack

    Dinosaurs Gift Pack

    Set of 6 dinosaurs in a gift pack.

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