Fossil Collection Box

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Fossil Collection Box 5.6” 14.2cms by 3.8” 10cms A selection of five genuine Fossils in a gift box. Fossils are the remains of plants and animals lived in prehistoric times. This presentation box includes five fossil specimens on a bed of straw and a small magnifier. Fossils include: a fossil Sea Urchin from Morocco; a sliced and polished Ammonite from Madagascar showing the crystal-filled internal chambers; a Devil’s Toenail from England so named because of their distinctive shape; A Nautiloid – the 400 million year old relative of the squid; and a fossil Shark Tooth. Pack also contains information cards on each specimen. A special educational gift that stimulates the inquiring mind and is a must for any budding fossil detective or palaeontologist. This is a natural product so contents may vary.

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